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Support and safety in your home | nidirect

Information on getting support and being safe at home. Advice for people who live on boats and in mobile homes, as well as information on fire prevention, animals, pets, and weed control.

Students urged to be mindful of safety | nidirect

If you're a student at university or college, now that the new term is under way, it's important to be aware of your own safety. Whether it's returning home late from the library or from a night out, there are things ...

Dangerous or derelict properties | nidirect

The Building Control section of your local council is responsible for making sure that reported derelict and insecure buildings are dealt with, so that people aren't put in danger by them.

Suitable housing - is your home fit to live in? | nidirect

Your home needs to be in a good state of repair, be sound and secure and not have any deficiencies that would endanger you or your family.

Preparing for a flood | nidirect

Flooding can have a detrimental effect on your health, home or business. Some precautions and safeguards may be followed to help reduce the risk of flooding and its impact.