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What do rates pay for? | nidirect

Rates fund public services in Northern Ireland, both regional and local. Your rate bill is made up of two parts, the regional rate and the district rate.

Lone Pensioner Allowance for tenants | nidirect

The Lone Pensioner Allowance (LPA) entitles you to a 20 per cent discount on your rates if you are a pensioner aged 70 or over, living on your own and paying rates for your home. LPA is not means-tested so any social ...

How to qualify for a 7.5 per cent allowance on rates for rental properties | nidirect

If you are responsible for rates on one or more rental properties, you may be entitled to a 7.5 per cent allowance on rates. To qualify you must meet certain criteria.

Employment and Support Allowance - rates | nidirect

How much money you may receive when claiming Employment and Support Allowance

Lone Pensioner Allowance for home owners | nidirect

Ratepayers aged 70 or over and living alone may be entitled to a 20 per cent reduction in their rates.You can find information below on eligibility and how to claim.