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Exemptions from jury service | nidirect

Most people aged between 18 and 70 can be summonsed as a juror. However, some people will not complete jury servicebecause they are exempt. There are a number of reasons why someone is excused from serving as a juror

Protecting your child from abuse at school: your school's role | nidirect

Information on child protection issues in schools, including checks on staff who work with children, child protection policies and procedures for dealing with suspected abuse

Keeping children safe from poisonous substances | nidirect

There are plenty of poisonous subtances in every home - find out how to make sure your child doesn't get hold of them

Welfare of dogs: the need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease | ...

Dogs feel pain and it is believed that they have similar pain thresholds to people. However, individual dogs and different breeds or types may show pain and suffering in different ways

Keeping children safe from burns and scalds | nidirect

Find out how to avoid accidents with hot drinks and kitchen equipment, and get advice on what to do if your child gets a burn or scald.