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Energy saving grants | nidirect

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is one of the simplest ways of saving energy and combating rising energy prices. Getting it installed may not cost as much as you think. Finding out what grants and discounts...

Choosing energy efficient products | nidirect

Energy saving products use less energy and therefore cost less to run. Products which carry the energy saving logo all meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the Energy Saving Trust and are backed by the ...

Guide to greener living for over-50s | nidirect

Summary of information on greener living for over 50s, including recycling, volunteering on conservation projects, saving energy and insulating your home

Energy efficiency tips | nidirect

Using less electricity means more cash in your pockets. Using electricity efficiently reduces carbon emissions and helps protect the environment. Follow the guidelines below and start saving your 20 per cent.

Home energy check | nidirect

Before you think about installing renewable energy technologies you should undertake a number of energy efficiency measures.