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Farmers urged to think about PTO shaft safety | nidirect

Farmers are being encouraged to stop and think about the dangers of unguarded or poorly-guarded PTO (power take-off) shafts. They are reminded to check their guards and protect themselves and others from serious or even...

Thefts from vehicles | nidirect

Leaving things in a parked car can make it more attractive to criminals. Even something as basic as a jacket can make your car more likely to be broken into. Find out what you can do to keep your car and its contents ...

Energy Performance Certificates | nidirect

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives home owners, tenants and buyers information on the energy efficiency of their property. It gives the building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade.

Dangers of swimming in disused quarries | nidirect

People are being urged to stay away from disused quarries and not to be tempted to swim in quarry lakes during the summer months. The water may look safe, but it can be extremely dangerous.

Don't forget about cyclist safety | nidirect

Cyclists are 23 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than car users. A new television advertising campaign entitled 'Don't Forget' focuses on the vulnerability of cyclists and the responsibility both ...