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Raising awareness of TB | nidirect

The Public Health Agency has released the latest figures which show a decrease in Tuberculosis (TB) cases in Northern Ireland last year. In 2013 in Northern Ireland there were 74 cases of TB reported, down from 87 the ...

Raising awareness of eating disorders | nidirect

There are many reasons why people can develop an eating disorder and they can affect anyone. There are a few different types and each disorder has different symptoms. If left untreated, eating problems can cause serious...

Farm safety awareness events | nidirect

Safety sessions are available to make people more aware of the risks that exist on farms. These FarmSafe Awareness events can be arranged locally and participation is free to the farming community. They are open to ...

Dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning | nidirect

It's Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a potential killer. It's important to get oil and gas boilers and appliances properly ...

BCG vaccination | nidirect

Information on the BCG vaccine that protects babies from tuberculosis (TB)