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Raising awareness of lung cancer symptoms | nidirect

It's Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Smoking cigarettes is the single biggest risk factor for lung cancer and is responsible for around 90 per cent of all cases. If you smoke, think about quitting, no matter how long you ...

Raising awareness of HIV and AIDS | nidirect

It's World AIDS Day. The Public Health Agency is urging people to practise safer sex and help prevent the spread of HIV. Early diagnosis is important, as people respond better to early treatment. Thanks to improved ...

Being aware of cancer symptoms can save lives | nidirect

The Public Health Agency is raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer. It's important to ‘Be Cancer Aware', to know what to look out for and to get yourself checked if you notice anything which could point ...

C:\Documents and Settings\oca...MR\walking_action_plan[1].pdf

Walking Northern Ireland An Action Plan WALKING NORTHERN IRELAND AN ACTION PLAN ii This document is available on the Roads Service web site at Enquiries about this document should be directed to ...

BCG vaccination | nidirect

Information on the BCG vaccine that protects babies from tuberculosis (TB)