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New councils subsidy scheme for ratepayers | nidirect

Ratepayers facing increased rate bills because of the forthcoming change from old council areas to new will get a subsidy. The scheme will only apply to the increase in bills which is a direct result of the creation of ...

Newsroom | nidirect

The nidirect newsroom has the latest news and information from across the various Northern Ireland Executive departments, as well as other useful information, services and advice for people living in Northern Ireland.

Becoming a public appointee | nidirect

Public appointments give people from all walks of life the chance to play a part in directing and managing the services that government provides. You don't have to have a traditional career path or be involved in ...

Internet basics | nidirect

The internet is a giant library of information. On the internet you can keep in touch with friends and family, read the news, follow your hobbies, watch your favourite TV programmes, shop, compare prices, pay bills and ...

Change of household income | nidirect

If your circumstances change and your rates Housing Benefit and / or Rate Relief may be affected.