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Bogus callers and con-type burglaries | nidirect

Find out how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bogus callers and con-type burglaries

Crime prevention | nidirect

Find out about Community Justice and Neighbourhood Policing, learn how to spot bogus callers and tackle crime in your area, and find a guide to knives and the law

Scam awareness month: Don't be rushed, don't be hushed | nidirect

Scam awareness month is taking place throughout July. The theme this year is ‘don't be rushed, don't be hushed', encouraging people to take their time and think carefully before handing over money or personal ...

Spotting signs of a scam | nidirect

Scams are getting more sophisticated and difficult to spot, so it's important to know what to look for. They aim to fool you into parting with your cash. You usually get nothing in return and lose your money. If it ...

Be wary of online loan scams | nidirect

People are being warned to steer clear of scam loan companies online, who promise credit and charge upfront fees but once they have your money don't pay out the loan or only offer unsuitable credit options in return.