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Advice on dealing with hayfever | nidirect

Hayfever is a very common condition. It is caused by an allergy to airborne substances such as grass or tree pollen, which affect the nose, sinus, throat and eyes. Hayfever usually happens during spring and summer. It ...

Doorstep selling | nidirect

Know your rights when buying goods on your doorstep or in your home

Divorce, relationship breakdown and family courts | nidirect

Information and advice on dealing with relationship problems, mediation, divorce, family courts, and protecting your children should your relationship break down

Spotting signs of a scam | nidirect

Scams are getting more sophisticated and difficult to spot, so it's important to know what to look for. They aim to fool you into parting with your cash. You usually get nothing in return and lose your money. If it ...

Bogus callers and con-type burglaries | nidirect

Find out how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bogus callers and con-type burglaries