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Information on vehicles you can drive | nidirect

Driving minibuses, buses, larger vehicles and the conditions needed to drive them

Buses and lorries you can drive and minimum ages | nidirect

Drivers of category D and D+E (bus entitlement), who wish to drive on a non professional basis will be subject to the minimum age of 24. However, to drive professionally you can drive these vehicles at a younger age ...

Motorcycles, cars and other vehicles you can ride or drive and minimum ages | nidirect

The tables below show the minimum age you can drive or ride if you gain your licence after 19 January 2013.

New 'laden testing' rules for driving test vehicles | nidirect

There are new rules being introduced for vehicles used in practical driving tests in various categories. Vehicles must carry a minimum weight in order to be used for the driving test after 30 September 2013.

Minimum ages and rules for learner drivers and riders | nidirect

Make sure you know the age restrictions that apply to the vehicle you want to drive