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Selling alcohol in licensed premises and registered clubs | nidirect

In Northern Ireland, alcohol may only be sold in licensed premises Find out what the liquor licensing laws are and how to apply for one.

Alcohol, young people under 18 and the law | nidirect

There are strict laws governing alcohol consumption in Northern Ireland, and it is important to check that you are not breaking the law by allowing your child to drink

Crime prevention and community safety | nidirect

Find out about licensing laws, community safety schemes, crime prevention, how CCTV is used in your community and how your council works with businesses and local residents to improve safety in your area

Your neighbourhood, roads and streets | nidirect

Find information and support when dealing with issues concerning your area including buying maps, flooding, nuisances, parking, lighting, streets and making your community a safer place

Firework safety and the law | nidirect

How you and your family can prevent accidents and fire when you have a party or celebrate cultural, religious or personal events - including firework safety information