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Cycling - Comparing the costs | Travelwise | nidirect

This page compares the cost of cycling against the cost using a car as your primary means of transport.

Bike Week (13 to 21 June) | Travelwise | nidirect

Bike Week runs from Saturday 13 to Sunday 21 June. It aims to encourage people to take part in cycling by showing how cycling can easily become part of everyday life. Bike Week also shows the social, health and ...

Discover benefits of cycling during Bike Week | nidirect

People are being encouraged to discover the benefits of cycling during Bike Week (13 to 21 June). Bike Week aims to encourage people to take part in cycling. There are events for everyone, including families, ...

Cycling Calorie Calculator | Travelwise | nidirect

This page contains a calorie calculator to assess the number of calories that you use whilst cycling.

Cycling | Travelwise | nidirect

This page provides details and information about the Travelwise scheme (sustainable transport) in relation to Cycling